Hi! I'm Cadence

I was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia on February 12, 2018. This is my story.

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Day Zero (Transplant Day)


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  • Chemo 6 still in the honeymoon phase and rocking my
  • At 330PM on April 18th I celebrated the beginning of
  • Was supposed to be released today but am having some
  • Finally out of the hospital! Got to go check out
  • Glued some hair extensions into my hat and BAM instant
  • UPDATE currently at 63!! Thanks to you guys my little
  • On my way to the Canadian CML Network conference! Very
  • This weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Annual
  • Happy Fathers Day! Got to spend it with both of
  • Still on cloud nine and cloud nap since last weekend
  • Day -18 + Day -17

    Bill woke up on Saturday still sick, and seemed to be getting worse. I have a compromised immune system so I made him go to urgent care so he could get some antibiotics and get it dealt with. I’ve been sleeping on the couch since I came home because I…

  • Day -19

    I got home from Toronto last night, and today was a thoroughly relaxing day. We got up early, and bill took me to St. Annes spa for the day. It was such a nice escape. We both got a massage and foot treatment, and spent the day just relaxing in…

  • Day -20

    I had an appointment this morning with an oncology psychiatric resident, which I opted to introduce as part of my treatments in September. As part of a teaching hospital I often end up with students, fellows and residents performing under the supervision of an acting physician, which I think is…

  • Day -21

    Today was another really low key day. I’m having a lot of residual pain from the tooth extraction on Monday and It’s been waking me up at night every couple of hours. Rotating through Tylenol and Advil but and getting some relief, but man it’s unpleasant. I’m still beat from…

  • Day -22

    Today was just low key. I had nothing going on today so I could finally rest. The last few days have been really busy and overwhelming and I’m still in a bit of pain from the bone marrow biopsy and extraction yesterday. My friend Alannah came to visit me at…

  • Retreats & Recovery

    The last few days have been absolutely insane- so much so I haven’t really had time to sit down and reflect on them yet. Today I have a bit of downtime and I wanted to talk about how incredible my weekend was. This weekend I attended a retreat for women…

  • Day -23

    Appointments: Pulmonary Function Test, Blood Work, ECG, Dental Extraction, Bone Marrow Biopsy. Today was pretty crazy. Was up early to be at a pulmonary function test where they see how my lungs work before the transplant. Because my care is part of the University Health Network of hospitals, a lot…

  • Country Music KICKED CANCERS ASS!

    Yesterday was amazing, and truly insane. After a wonderful weekend retreat, to walk into something like that was overwhelming. I cried in the corner for the first ten minutes because I was so filled with gratitude. I can never thank or repay everyone enough for all that you’ve done to…

  • Day -24

    Today was so crazy, I don’t think I could have fit it all in one post, so I had to split it into a few which I will link to throughout! I woke up today and finished up my last day at the Pink Pearl retreat which was so amazing…

  • How yoga saved my life

    Today was just so amazing it’s going to be hard to put in to words. I woke up and went to yoga with the girls at the Pink Pearl retreat. It was the first time I had practiced yoga since I was diagnosed, which was a powerful step for me…