Hi! I'm Cadence

I was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia on February 12, 2018. This is my story.

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Day Zero (Transplant Day)


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  • Day +39

    It’s been a while since I updated last, because sometimes I really struggle with what to say. Sometimes this journey is such a roller coaster, and I’m not even sure if by the time I post an update it will even be accurate anymore! Sometimes I’m afraid to post because…

  • Day +25

    I was released from the hospital last Tuesday officially, and I’ve been out of the hospital for almost a week now. It’s been nice to get back to a bit of a routine, to start cooking and eating real food, go for some walks and test out what my ‘new…

  • Day +16

    When people initially told me to be prepared for the pot holes ahead, I held fast to my positivity, and wrote them off as naysayers. Everything had gone so well for me so far, that I just had an immense amount of belief it would continue that way. It’s not…

  • Day +15

    *Originally Posted to Facebook Truth: Yesterday my positivity took a break. Everything has gone so well with the transplant so far, and I felt ready for the rest of this marathon. But as I let myself stare into a mirror for more than a second since this began, and saw…

  • Day +12

    I really fell off the map there for a while, and I’m sorry If I scared anyone, but don’t be afraid! It was for very good reason(s). I promise I’m Ok. I’m actually WAY better than OK, but we will get to that in a minute. It was a bit…

  • DAY -2 to Day +3

    Hey Guys, Sorry for falling off the map for a bit. The honeymoon ended rather swiftly, with much nausea, vomiting and fatigue, and pretty much made it impossible to do anything other than sleep in between. The fatigue wasn’t quite what I expected, it reminded me a bit of having…

  • Day -3

    Time is flying by fast and I’m not complaining one bit! I was told the transplant process is much more like a marathon than a race, but I didn’t really understand what they meant for the first few days. Even though these days can hold the potential for a lot…

  • Day -4

    Last night I got my first glimpse of what is to come when the honeymoon phase of Chemo ends. I didn’t ask for drugs early enough to curb my insomnia, which as midnight, turned to 1am, turned to 2am, turned into a massive headache with deadly nausea that felt like…

  • Day -5

    Chemo Begins! Drugs taken today: Fludarabine and Busulfan IV’s, Ursodial, Allopurinol, Dexamethasone, Ondansetron, Panatoprazole Sodium, Leviteracetum, Cipofloxacin, Gravol. Today started off hella early. They do bloodwork on the transplant floor at 6am, which at first made me wanna freaking gag since mornings are not my thing (I’m a freaking musician…

  • Day -6

    Today was so much better than I was anticipating! My husband and I stayed at the condo in Toronto last night, after jetting back to Courtice after my CVC line went in where we got to see some of our family for one last big family dinner. My amazing hubby…