Hi! I'm Cadence

I was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia on February 12, 2018. This is my story.

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Day Zero (Transplant Day)


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  • We have a Donor!

    Asking for help is not something My Husband or I do very well. We are lucky people who have many opportunities others do not, and are grateful for the abundance that we already felt we had in our lives! We both felt a sense of guilt and shame over asking…

  • Happy New Year

    Heading into this new year, I’ve been struggling with a lot of emotions. Usually the New Year is a chance for me to hit the reset button, set new goals, and plan new adventures. It brings hope, renewal and excitement.  This year it brings the most uncertainty I have ever…

  • The Wild Ride

    This year has without a doubt, been the wildest ride I’ve ridden. It started off with a shock leukaemia diagnosis, and then went on to be filled with extremely wonderful highs in my music life, that left me feeling more proud than ever about the music and magic happening within Runaway…

  • Short + Sweet Update

    Hey guys! I’ll keep this update short and bittersweet? After a whole month off treatment my blood counts haven’t recovered and have somehow continued to drop. I’m feeling a bit more rough than usual these days. We’re going to be doing a repeat bone marrow biopsy September 5th, the day…

  • Stopping Sprycel again

    So last Friday we ended up stopping Sprycel TKI treatment again because my counts were too low to continue. My doctor referred me to a specialist at Princess Margaret to give some guidance on my case, who I was able to see yesterday. His name was Dr. Lipton and he…

  • Is this ever going to work?

    It’s been about a month since I last checked in and what a wild but wonderful time! I was extremely grateful and had so much fun playing MainStage at Trackside, Country Fest on the Grand, & Kinstock with my Best Friends and We shot the music video for our Current…

  • Cancer can’t stop me!

    Rocking out at Trackside on the MainStage!! What an amazing day, moment and memory I will never forget. It was hot (35 freakin degrees) I wasn’t feeling the greatest but we KILLED IT! Love these ladies so much for never questioning me wanting to keep pushing forward with music as…

  • Raw Truth & Honesty

    I Don’t often post things that aren’t positive but that’s not a fair representation of what I’m really feeling all the time and I think it’s important to let other people know it’s OK to feel that way.  My Blood Counts were up a bit as of my last check…

  • Global News

    In the face of uncertainty, moving ahead with my dreams and plans seemed to be the only logical solution. It’s been great being distracted from the challenges and the limbo that Leukemia can bring. Here is my band performing on Global news this week to promote our new single ‘Hard…